Below you will find all necessary instructions and guidelines on how to use and apply our product.
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A. The following instructions are for the removal of stains, marks and random pigmented areas that have occurred on fabrics, furnishings, leather fittings or soft areas within the aircraft cabin.

B. The MX14 Aero solution has been formulated and developed to be utilised both on and off wing. When utilising on wing please make sure that all relevant tool control procedures are followed. When utilising off wing please make sure that a suitable area has been set aside for cleaning and no cross contamination can occur.

NOTE: The following instructions are a guide to the removal of stains and marks as listed in the Application Section below, removal times will vary due to type of stain, type of material and length of time passed when the stain was first applied. The stains listed in the Application Section below are a guide only and is recommended that when a stain is encountered that not listed that the technician apply the MX14 Aero solution as per Procedure Method 1.

NOTE: Although MX14 Aero contains nobleaches, solvent sorch lorinesitis recommended that the technician always utilise PPE as best practice.

NOTE: To make sure that the colour fastness of the item is not affected, carry out a test using the MX14 Aero Solution in a hidden area, to make sure there is no colour removal or reaction.



NOTE: Typical types of stain considered in general, but not limited to, are: Food and Beverage (including tea, coffee, chocolate, wine,sauce, etc), Cosmetics (including lipstick, make-up, etc), Oil (including machine oil, food oils, etc), Ink (including Permanent, etc).

NOTE: If the stain mark is on a vertical surface then utilization of item MX14Aero/30/240 pen applicator is recommended. If the stained area is horizontal or a larger area then utilization of item MX14Aero/1000/40 is recommended.



  • Make sure the area is dry before application.
  • Apply the MX14 Aero solution directly to the stained area ensuring that the stain or mark is completely covered. Ref FIG 1 and 2
  • After application it is recommended that at least 8 hours be left before you remove the solution, however if the stain is being treated as an “on-wing” service then leave as long as possible based on turn-around times and restrictions.
  • After a suitable amount of time has passed wash of the MX14 Aero solution with clean cold water either with sponge or a clean cloth application.
  • Dry area using clean cloths or a suitable absorbent material, or if time allows air dry is acceptable.
  • NOTE: If the stain or mark has not been fully removed then repeat the process.


  • MX14 Aero can be increased in volume by the addition of clean water to the system. Using a suitable spray applicator bottle and mix MX14 Aero to the ratio of 1 parts MX14 Aero to 1 part clean water (1 to 1 mix) Shake the mixture until mixed and apply to the affected areas.
  • To complete the process, follow tasks 3 thru 5 in Method 1. Ref FIG 3, 4and 5.


  • Add MX14 Aero to a suitable spray bottle container and add fresh clean water to a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part MX14 Aero (3 to 1 mix) shake until mixed.
  • Spray area that is to be cleaned. Allow the solution to sit on surface for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Using a clean cloth or suitable absorbent material, wipe to remove the MX14 Aero solution from the treated area. The clean cloth or suitable absorbent material may be damp or slightly wet with clean water to aid the cleaning process. Allow the area to dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • NOTE: The applicator pen, part number: mx14aero/30/240, is refillable. Simple twist of the capend making sure you turn as per a left hand thread, remove the end and refill with MX14 Aero solution. Reapply the cap end after filling. Ref FIG 6 and 7

*Full MSDS details are available Here. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you require any assistance or advice.
If you are unsure of these processes or unsure the suitability of any items being cleaned please contact us for information and help.
MX14 Aero is committed to ensure that all processes and materials are compliant to the required aviation regulations.

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